Cadillac CTS Wagon

At Roadloans we can get you a car loan and connect you to a dealer in a fraction of the time it normally takes.  In addition, you can get pre approved for a car loan for any number of vehicles, ranging from 2007 to 2011.  Today we are looking at the Cadillac CTS Wagon.  They certainly don’t make em like they used to. I remember the station wagon growing up. Take a look at this 1987 Cadillac Station Wagon:

Cadillac CTS Wagon -

Hey that looks kinda like a hurse!  Exactly.  By all accounts and in every cultural aspect, the 80′s were a strange time. But now we live in the futuristic 2000′s, where everything is improved and looks better, and humans have grown kinder and are that much closer to solving the world’s problems….ok that’s a bit too far.  But we can be thankful for some things, and while the flying car from Blade Runner is probably still a ways off, at least we have Roadloans, iPhones with cool car loan calculator apps, and a better looking Cadillac Station Wagon.

The Auto Loan Amortization Chart

Check out this recent article from Roadloans on the Auto Loan Amortization Chart. What exactly is an auto loan amortization chart anyway? It is a chart that shows you how your interest and the principle of the auto loan will be paid out over the life of the car loan.  From the article: If you look at an auto loan amortization chart, you’ll see that [...]

Car Loans with Dealer Network

Roadloans is in the auto finance business for a long time because we have connections. We not only specialize in car loans for people with bad credit…but we have relationships with dealers throughout the United States so we can put you in a car a lot more quickly. Chances are there is a dealer within [...]

Car Loan Resources from Roadloans

Car Loans can be tricky, especially car loans for people with bad credit.  Good thing Roadloans is here to help you.  We have a variety of Resources to help get you started on the auto loan that best fits your situation.  Check here to see our resource page, which includes our new Road Loans iPhone App as well as a variety of articles.

Negotiating Your Price

So you are going to see about a car loan, but you don’t want to feel like you walked away getting the short end of the stick.  Too many times people assume that they have no power to negotiate.  Not true.  Negotiating can get you a lower car note, which means lower payments, which means more [...]

Ballers and their Rides

“…9 out of 10 guys don’t live in the actual city that they play in, so you’ve got to ship your cars”   In honor of game 7 of the NBA playoffs, which airs tonight, we put our internet research team on the hunt for some goods regarding the fast paced world of the NBA [...]

DeLorean: Back to the Future

Nerd Alert! Now you can buy your very own Back to the Future DeLorean, complete with internal and external components, including the flux capacitor, overhead status array, and Mr Fusion home energy reactor (currently out of stock). Heck, you can even buy Doc Brown’s Radio control unit! Now if you can just find a DeLorean [...]

Roadloans Payment Calculator

When shopping for a car a good payment calculator is a necessity. You want to know how much your payments are going to be. If you haven’t seen it, our very own has a wonderful payment calculator that allows you to figure out your monthly payments from the total of your loan, or the [...]

Toyota Recall Information

If you are wondering if your Toyota vehicle is listed under all the new recalls try the Toyota recall finder tool.  It uses your VIN to do an official lookup.  Also check out the official statement from the COO of Toyota USA.